Welcome to the website for Academics for All.

Academics for All was founded by a group of local people in 1997 who noticed that Sheridan High School scholars didn’t get as many column inches in the paper as did the athletes.

So they started writing weekly articles for the Sheridan Press on SHS seniors who had demonstrated high academic achievement.  We continue today trying to evaluate students who apply using a “whole-person” concept that starts with GPA, but also includes consideration of curriculum difficulty, participation in the arts (music, plays, etc.), participation in student government, participation in school clubs, out of school activities, and even participation in athletics is counted as a plus.  And we usually publish at least one “Where Are They Now” article on past recipients.

In addition to the Sheridan Press articles, in years past we have put spots on the radio; we continue to make statues for display in the trophy case in the front hall of SHS, we started a facebook page in 2010, and started this new website in 2012. We have been able to collect enough money to provide some PRIZES for the top several students each year; many thanks to our donors. This is a reward for a job-well-done-so-far, which can be spent as the students desire so it is not a scholarship.