About Academics for All

Academics for All was founded by a group of local people in 1997 who noticed that Sheridan High School scholars weren’t receiving the recognition they deserved for their outstanding educational pursuits coupled with their commitments to extra-curricular activities and their contributions to our community.

So they started writing weekly articles for the Sheridan Press featuring outstanding SHS seniors who have demonstrated high academic achievement.  We continue today evaluating students who apply using a “whole-person” concept that starts with GPA and faculty nominations. It also includes consideration of curriculum rigor, participation in the arts (music, plays, etc.), student government, athletics, school clubs, and community contributions.  Also, we publish at least one “Where Are They Now” articles which feature updates on our past recipients.

In addition to the Sheridan Press articles which run each Saturday from December through May, we post the student articles on our Facebook page and we continue to make photographic statues for display in the SHS trophy case.

Throughout the years, we have been able to collect enough donations to provide monetary prizes for the top students each year; many thanks to our generous donors. This is a reward for a job-well-done, which can be spent as the students desire so it is not a scholarship.